What Animals Eat Eagles?

Eagles are known as the greatest bird due to its power, strength, hunting tactics, size, and appearance. Its wings can reach up to 7 feet and reaching a maximum weight of 15 pounds. With this, an incredible power above the trees can be felt and seen. These are the advantages used by eagles to mark their territories, secure food, as well as win fights over fellow or other bird species. Aside from that, eagles do have a masculine and fierce appearance. Its golden eyes can be compared to a fire that symbolizes power, courage, and leadership. However, despite all of these, eagles are still prone to predators, especially chicks. In that sense, below are the following predators of eagles that can give you further information about the life cycle and other else about eagles.

Here are the following predators of eagles:


Aside from eagles, hawks are also well-known bird species with power, speed, agility, and hunting tactics to survive and catch their prey. Between the two, anyone can win, depending on some reasons. Eagle chicks that are still resting inside the nest can be victimized by hawks. It can be eaten alive or be beaten up first. Aside from the chicks, when two adult hawk and eagle came into a fight against one another and the eagle lost, the hawk can eat the flesh of the eagle. This can be a representation that can be used by the hawk to show the environment how powerful they are against anyone. It can lead them to the position as the king of all birds.


Another predator of eagles is a wolf. When there is an encounter between an eagle and a pack of hungry wolves, the eagle has a lesser chance of surviving. It can be ripped off by the leaping wolves and eat the flesh. On the other hand, wolves have a strong sense of smell. This helps them to track down any eagle nest that has newly-hatched eggs or even not. Finding an eagle nest is already a bounty for the wolves as eggs are delicious meals, as well as new hatchlings.


Next, we also have bears as one of the predators of an eagle. The bear can be either black or grizzly that is dominant inside the jungle wherein eagles also inhabit. With its sharp claws and effective sense of smell, bears can sense whenever a potential eagle nest is located. If it’s on a tree, then there is no problem for the bears as they have sharp claws to use as climbing aids. Besides, bears are well-known animals that can climb on top of trees in search of any food they can eat, especially hives.


Aside from animals, poachers also put a large threat to the lives of the eagles in the forest. Poachers are people who hunt for food in the jungle, especially large birds for their food or source of income. Poachers use gun pellets, cages, traps, and other else that put risk on the lives of eagles.

Above all, eagles are strong birds that symbolize power and strength, no matter what. They may be considered as prey to other animals, yet this is something that we, human beings, have no business to do. It is the environment and ecosystem that works in this system.