The New Driver Car Control Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida

The New Driver Car Control Clinic in Jacksonville, FloridaRecently our daughter, who just turned 15, advised us that she wanted to get her learner’s permit and begin driving. I feared the day that this would happen. Being a bit nervous at the wheel of a car trying to teach a brand new driver, I thought a little professional help might be needed. So I found a wonderful company that has not only taught our daughter to drive but has included me in the process and brought me at least some peace of mind. I’m not sure the parent of a new driver can ever have total peace of mind. But we are one step closer. The company is called The New Driver Car Control Clinic.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 teenagers are involved in a car crash every year. Supposedly this is due to the lack of experience and lack of attention. The New driver Car Control Clinic tries to avert these issues with teens by their unique education program. Not only does it offer hands on experience, but it also offers advise a workbook and a DVD. parents are encouraged to attend the first information meeting with their teen. You are also encouraged to watch the video and work with your teen in their workbook. Before graduating from the course, not only does the teen have to pass the driving portion, but they have to complete the workbook. Only then will they receive their certificate of completion.

The state of Florida does not require drivers’ education in order to obtain a driver’s license. This could account for the number of poor drivers in the state. However, the teen is required to attend a drug and alcohol awayness course. This course alone runs around 50 dollars for Florida parents. The course also offers this portion of the education to fulfill the Florida requirement.

The company claims that graduates of their clinic have 77 percent fewer crashes than teens who do not take the course. As of yet, i have not figured out how they have come to that number, as that type of research would prove difficult. But I do know our daughter is proving to be a responsible driver, and I definitely give The New Driver Car Control Clinic credit.

There is only one catch. Their services are in high demand and you have to make advanced reservations. We called months before she turned 15, and it took us four months to get her in. But the wait was worth it. So i you have a teen wanting to take classes, make sure you call well in advance. it was not cheap, costing us $159.

If you want more information, check the websites at or Their number is 1-800-862-3277.