Easy Bottle Lid Sachets for Car, Home and More

Easy Bottle Lid Sachets for Car, Home and MoreYou know what every house has? A bottle or a jar with a lid! That means anyone, anywhere, can make cute and aromatic sachets for drawers, kitchens and more. The sachets are so easy to make that even the kids will want to get in on the fun. The little sachets will make drawers and clothes smell great. You can also use the sachets as ornaments on Christmas trees and more.

Jar and bottle lids come in all sizes and types. Whether the lids are metal or plastic they will work well for creating assorted sachets. Sachets are generally placed in dresser drawers and closets, but they can also be used as room fresheners. They can be decorated in different ways to suit any decor theme.

Take any lid or cap and fill it with dry potpourri. Some lids you might consider using would include lids from soda bottles, spice jars, instant coffee jars, or even medicine bottles. Small lids, of course, will not be quite as aromatic as larger ones, since the large ones will hold much more potpourri.

After you’ve filled the chosen lid with the potpourri glue a piece of lace or netting over the top. The netting and lace have holes that will allow the aroma to escape easier than if you cover the lids with fabric. Trim the lace so that it hangs over the side somewhat. Glue the edges of the lace well so that they will cling to the lid as you continue the craft.

Use a piece of ribbon to cover the sides of the lid. Hot glue the ribbon around the lid then decide what you will do with the sachet. You can use as-is or you can glue a piece of felt to the bottom. Add a small piece of magnetic sheeting to the bottom of the lid to create a sachet for the refrigerator or other metal surface. Since the sachet lid will hang upright you can add a bow to the top. Simply hot glue it to the lid.

Make a car freshener that hangs from the mirror by gluing a stretch cord onto the lid. Cut a length of cord, fold it in half, then glue the ends to the flat side of the lid. Now glue a piece of felt over the top. Or, create a double-sided rearview mirror hanger. Create two identical lids with potpourri inside. Glue the ends of the cord to the back of one of the lids. Now glue the second lid to the first by placing them back-to-back. If you want, you can glue a piece of gathered lace around the area where the two lids meet.

Use large lids to make doorknob hangers. Place the potpourri in the lid, glue on the lace, then cover the sides with ribbon. Glue the ends of a piece of satin to the backside then glue on a piece of felt or fabric. Hang the aromatic creation on bedroom or bathroom doorknobs. Make tiny sachets, fill them with baby powder, then set them in baby’s dresser drawers.

Any powder or dry ingredient(s) will work to make the sachets. You can purchase dry potpourri or use any type of body powder. Another option is to fill the lid with a folded dryer sheet. Or, place essential oils on a piece of felt and fold it. Place the felt inside the lid before gluing on the lace. There are literally hundreds of different fragrances you can create.

There are different ways to decorate the lids for the sachets besides wrapping the sides with ribbon. Glue on fake jewels, a length of fabric, sequin, buttons, or glue and glitter. Make something completely different by using a picture instead of netting over the top of the potpourri. Cut a small picture out of a magazine. Fill the lid with potpourri then glue the picture on. Poke holes, here and there, on the picture. Keep the holes in the outline, or otherwise hidden. The tiny holes will allow the scent to escape.

There are lots of uses for the jar lid potpourris. Drop tiny ones in your purse. Place a set of them in your shoes at night. Toss them in closets, group them on shelves, or hang them on curtain tie-backs. The potpourris are cheap, easy and make great gifts, too!