Top 5 Road Trip Car Games

Long car rides can be a lot of fun if travellers want to play games with each other. Try these games, and for added fun, play multiple games at once for a roadtrip biathalon or triathalon.

  1. The Alphabet Game
    Look for the letters of the alphabet in alphabetical order, using any thing seen out your side of the car. Start at "A", first one to "Z" wins. Feel free to use signs, license plates or any letter seen in any capacity, outside the car. Depending on whether you're driving through a crowded city or a desert, this game can take 5 minutes or an hour.
  2. Padiddle
    The rules depend on your travel companions. Play at night. When a player sees a car with one headlight, he or she calls 'padiddle'. The family version dictates that any player who gets three padiddles gets to make a wish. Friends travelling together can decide that anyone calling a padiddle can ask any or all of his or her companions to remove an item of clothing. Play at your own risk.
  3. License plate bingo
    Players challenge one another to find state license plates of other states. First player to complete their list wins.
  4. 20 questions
    A good game for the whole family, this game is a classic. One player thinks of something. The rest of the car asks "animal, vegetable, or mineral?", and that person must answer whether it is an animal (including people), a vegetable (any plant), or anything not living. The everyone in the car can ask a total of 20 questions to determine what the person is thinking of. Obviously, whoever gets it wins, or if your thing is unguessable, you win.
  5. Punch buggy
    See a Volkswagon Bug, and pinch or hit the co-passenger of your choice (please not the driver) while calling "punch buggy (color) no punch back". As long as person has called, 'no punch back', no one else in the car may punch him or her for that Volkswagon. An alternative to punching can be just keeping track of points, but that's kinda boring.

Enjoy the games and Bon voyage!