Car Review: 2009 Toyota Corolla

As far as purchasing an attractive automobile that offers great gasoline mileage, reasonable price and value, the 2009 Toyota Carolla hits the target. With more amenities than one might expect, Toyota has produced a quality automobile yet again that is sure to be a popular model for years to come. The 2009 Toyota Carolla LE is priced at only $16,750 MSRP, and gets 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway, so concerns over gas prices are a thing of the past with this model.

The overall performance of the 2009 Toyota Carolla is easily one the best in this class, due mostly to the combination of impressive features. The 1.8 Liter 4 cylinder engine puts out 132 Horsepower, and in conjunction with a 4 speed automatic transmission makes for smooth acceleration. With 4 wheel anti-lock brake system, electronic brake-force distribution, and front wheel drive, the 2009 Toyota Carolla is a pleasant driving experience. A MacPherson front strut and front and rear stabilizer bars allow the Toyota Carolla to have a turning circle diameter of only 35.6 feet.

The interior of the 2009 Toyota Carolla is nicely appointed, with amenities that are more often present in a much higher priced vehicle. Instrumentation features are a speedometer, tachometer, and an LCD odometer, with remote fuel door and hood releases. The Toyota Carolla has an AM/FM stereo with CD player with MP3 capability and 4 speakers, CFC-free air conditioning, power windows and door locks, and …

Car Review: 2009 Ford Expedition

The Ford Motor Company has built it’s business on the foundation of giving the customer what they want, and they continue this with the 2009 Ford Expedition. Stylish, durable and comfortable, the 2009 Ford Expedition is what an SUV should be, and at a competitive price to boot. Starting at only $28,470 the Expedition XLT gets 15 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on the highway, which is pretty good for a vehicle of this size and power.

The performance of the 2009 Ford Expedition XLT is superior to most in this class, with a 4.0 Liter, V-6 engine that puts out 210 Horsepower at 5,100 RPM’s. A 5 speed automatic transmission, 4 x 2 rear wheel drive, trailer sway control system, and class II towing hitch are standard features. The 2009 Ford Expedition XLT offers independent front and rear suspension, front and rear stabilizer bars, heavy duty gas shock absorbers, and rack-and-pinion steering to complete a more than adequate performance package.

The exterior look of the 2009 Ford Expedition is not your typical box shaped SUV. With sporty and sleek design lines, the 2009 Ford Expedition offers 16 inch painted aluminum wheels, fog lamps, a chrome 4 bar grille, and a roof luggage rack with crossbars. A one piece lift gate with flip open rear window, solar tinted windshield and front door windows, and full grip ergonomic door handles make the 2009 Ford Expedition XLT sure to turn some heads.

The 2009 Ford Expedition …

Car Review: 2010 Mini Cooper S Clubman

My test 2010 Mini Cooper S Clubman has a very unique exterior paint color which is referred to simply as “Hot Chocolate.” And much like that tasty hot beverage that goes so well with itsy-bitsy marshmallows, this hot rod wagon is sweet, tasty and gets you just a little bit high every time you drive it. This surprisingly roomy wagon-let is so fun to drive it should really be labeled by the government as a controlled substance.

Exterior Styling

While some Mini purists were aghast at the notion that Mini was turning the cute little two door coupe into a two and a half-door wagon, time has definitely mellowed those concerns once they realized the Clubman drives just like any other Mini. In fact, thanks to the longer wheelbase it actually has a smoother ride (not to mention rear seat legroom for actual humans).

The 2010 Mini Cooper S Clubman maintains many traditional Mini design cues like the wide “bulldog” stance, smiling front headlight/grille treatment, chromed door handles and old school chrome effect gas cap cover. What sets the Clubman apart are the clever barn-style rear doors that open one at a time for easy access to the surprisingly roomy cargo area.

The other unique aspect of the Clubman is the third door on the passenger side that aids entry and exit to the rear seats. This mini doggie door (more on that later) allows easy entry and exit to the rear seats. There may not be a ton of …

The New Driver Car Control Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida

Recently our daughter, who just turned 15, advised us that she wanted to get her learner’s permit and begin driving. I feared the day that this would happen. Being a bit nervous at the wheel of a car trying to teach a brand new driver, I thought a little professional help might be needed. So I found a wonderful company that has not only taught our daughter to drive but has included me in the process and brought me at least some peace of mind. I’m not sure the parent of a new driver can ever have total peace of mind. But we are one step closer. The company is called The New Driver Car Control Clinic.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 teenagers are involved in a car crash every year. Supposedly this is due to the lack of experience and lack of attention. The New driver Car Control Clinic tries to avert these issues with teens by their unique education program. Not only does it offer hands on experience, but it also offers advise a workbook and a DVD. parents are encouraged to attend the first information meeting with their teen. You are also encouraged to watch the video and work with your teen in their workbook. Before graduating from the course, not only does the teen have to pass the driving portion, but they have to complete the workbook. Only then will they receive their certificate of completion.

The state of Florida does not require drivers’ education …

Car Reviews: 2009 Buick Enclave

The 2009 Buick Enclave is something special both in value and performance, and the average consumer should be able to recognize that fact rather quickly. For lack of a better expression, the 2009 Buick Enclave has the “WOW” factor that car shoppers look for, and lives up to the advertising hype. At a starting manufacturers suggested retail price of $35,805, the 2009 Buick Enclave gets pretty decent gas mileage at 16 miles per gallon in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highway. Described by Buick as a luxury crossover, the 2009 Buick Enclave is just that, and just one look is all it takes to know the Enclave is unique.

In safety, the 2009 Buick Enclave is built with many of the standard features Buick is known for. Driver and front passenger airbags, a remote keyless entry and a tire pressure monitoring system are always good to have, The Buick Enclave also has an ONSTAR automatic crash response to beckon assistance when the driver can’t due to accident. In application, this feature alone can and will save many lives.

The performance of the 2009 Buick Enclave is exceptional, due to a 3.6 Liter, V-6 engine that has a 288 Horsepower output at 6,300 RPM’s. With 4 wheel independent suspension power steering,4 wheel disc anti-lock brakes and a wheel base of 118.9 inches, the 2009 Buick Enclave holds the road incredibly well. A six-speed automatic transmission is better than most in this class.

On the exterior the 2009 …

Car Reviews: 2009 Ford Mustang

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. It will also most likely mark the end of the fifth generation of this muscle car, as rumor has it that the 2010 model will be redesigned to start a sixth generation.

This years Mustang will definitely be a great choice for your next muscle car. It has some great options, and some great new features.

Engine size this year for the GT is a 4.6 liter 24-valve SOHC V8, with dual exhaust. It is 300 horsepower with 320 pound-foot of torque. It is also available in a 4.0 liter SOHC 12-valve V6. Don’t know how to drive stick? No problem! It is available in either the 5-speed stick shift, or the 5-speed automatic. But I will warn you that you will get better gas mileage with stick shift.

But it isn’t too bad on gas either. At an average of 17 mpg city, 26 mpg highway, you can get both good gas mileage along with power. This is definitely hard to come by.

One of the options I found to be the most interesting was that the 2009 model offers a glass roof option. The entire roof will be made of reinforced glass. This is so much cooler than a sunroof.

The grille on this car is awesome, giving it a tough look to go along with its even tougher engine. It is an egg-crate shaped forward leaning grille that really sets off the look of the car. The …

Car Reviews: 1996 Plymouth Neon

Dodge and Plymouth Neons are everywhere on used car lots, and usually offered for a low price. However, despite the "bargain" that they seem to be, potential buyers beware! The 1996 Neon is nothing short of a nightmare on wheels.

What is that certain indefinable something that makes a car desirable? Is it a cool, stylish body design? An interior that looks respectable and professional? Maybe a powerful, beastly engine? Whatever that something is, one thing is for sure, the Plymouth Neon doesn't have it. A "Plymouth" Neon, you may ask? Of course, during the run of the traditional neon, it was manufactured by Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler, all roughly producing the same car, the only difference being in what manufacturer took credit in producing the thing.

Of course, despite the warnings that may have come from concerned friends and family, the Neon certainly does look like a formidable choice on the used car lot. The usually appear shiny, compact, a little sporty, an interior with a little flair, and a very good price tag. However, no matter how attractive or how good of a deal the Neon may seem, it is a horrible choice, and much better cars can be found with only a little more money. What exactly makes the Neon so horrible? The list is a long one.

Perhaps the best place to start though, is the outside. The Plymouth Neon seems to be one of the only cars ever made that paint refuses to stay on. …

Car Reviews: 2009 Subaru Outback

Described as a sports utility wagon, the 2009 Subaru Outback is a wildly popular vehicle due in part to it unique diversification of abilities and uses. While other auto makers have attempted to copy the Subaru success story, the original Subaru Outback is still clearly the leader, and gets progressively better with each model year. With a starting manufacturers suggested retail price of $22,295 the 2009 Subaru Outback is quite a bargain given it’s extraordinary features. With gas mileage of 20 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway, the 2009 Subaru Outback helps consumers considerably at the gas pump.

The performance of the 2009 Subaru Outback is superior with a 2.5 Liter, 16 valve 4 cylinder engine that has a 170 Horsepower output at 6,000 RPM’s. A fully synchronized 5 speed manual transmission, power assisted rack-and-pinion steering, and a 4 wheel disc anti-lock brake system with electronic brake-force distribution are outstanding mechanical features. The 2009 Subaru Outback has independent front strut suspension and rear multi-link suspension with front and rear stabilizer bars.

On the interior the 2009 Subaru Outback has all of the amenities of a luxury car, without the heavy price tag. A 6 way adjustable driver’s seat, a 3 spoke steering wheel with cruise control, and a tilt and telescoping steering wheel are just the beginning of the 2009 Subaru Outback’s quality features. Power windows and door locks, air conditioning, and a center console with dual cup holders put everything at …

Monroeville Mall: Spooky Zombie Car Wash

Have you ever seen the movie Dawn of the Dead? Well this very popular movie was filmed in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Most of the scenes from the movie were shot inside the historic Monroeville Mall. The Monroeville Mall features many different attractions including a boiler room walkthrough with lifesize zombies, maul of fame which is like the famous Hollywood Boulevard but with a zombie twist of bloody handprints, and a gift shop. Monroeville Mall also has a miniature model of the 1978 mall layout, a zombie gallery, and a motion simulator ride. Once in a while tha mall comes up with events having to do with zombies. The zombie car wash that I attended on August 28th was one of my favorites.

The car wash was open from 10AM to 6PM. I drove my car into the rear parking lot between Burlington and JC Penny around 2PM. The parking lot was packed. There were tons of people in zombie costumes. If you came to the car wash in a zombie costume you were discounted two dollars from the original ten dollar price. So, it only cost me eight dollars. I wore a plaid button-down shirt, that I tore up on the seams. I also wore a pair of old, dirty, ripped jeans. I smeared some red lipstick on my face and rubbed it in with my hands as to make it appear as if it were blood. The zombies washing the cars had the best makeup jobs. It seemed as if …

Car Reviews: 2007 Dodge Nitro

Almost everyone has heard the jokes that go around about SUVs. From the amount of gas they consume to the false sense of security that they provide to drivers. Thankfully, however, a large number of sport utility vehicles on the market go out of the way not to fall into these stereotypes and instead create a quality, long lasting product that will serve customers for many years to come. Still though, every so often we come upon a car which seems to fall flat into all of the jokes that have been made for it. While this is rare, often we can get a laugh from looking at it. And one laugh worthy car is definitely the 2007 Dodge Nitro.

Even the exterior of the car speaks to the nature of a joke. The first time that one looks at a Dodge Nitro, they are likely to wonder if any effort at all was put into the design of the vehicle. From the incredible squared look that seems to go all the way to the windshield, to the manner in which every part of the car seems to have been turned into a box, there is really nothing that stands out (in a good way) about the Nitro. However, several design features do stand out, just perhaps not in the way that Dodge intended them too. For starters, the massive fender flares that surround the front and back wheels are enough to just make everything else look slightly awkward, and …