Monroeville Mall: Spooky Zombie Car Wash

Have you ever seen the movie Dawn of the Dead? Well this very popular movie was filmed in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Most of the scenes from the movie were shot inside the historic Monroeville Mall. The Monroeville Mall features many different attractions including a boiler room walkthrough with lifesize zombies, maul of fame which is like the famous Hollywood Boulevard but with a zombie twist of bloody handprints, and a gift shop. Monroeville Mall also has a miniature model of the 1978 mall layout, a zombie gallery, and a motion simulator ride. Once in a while tha mall comes up with events having to do with zombies. The zombie car wash that I attended on August 28th was one of my favorites.

The car wash was open from 10AM to 6PM. I drove my car into the rear parking lot between Burlington and JC Penny around 2PM. The parking lot was packed. There were tons of people in zombie costumes. If you came to the car wash in a zombie costume you were discounted two dollars from the original ten dollar price. So, it only cost me eight dollars. I wore a plaid button-down shirt, that I tore up on the seams. I also wore a pair of old, dirty, ripped jeans. I smeared some red lipstick on my face and rubbed it in with my hands as to make it appear as if it were blood. The zombies washing the cars had the best makeup jobs. It seemed as if they were zombies right out of the popular movie. I was a little creeped out when I handed a zombie my cash, and it just grunted at me. The Monroeville Zombie Car Wash was done for charity. All of the proceeds went to the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania. It was for a good cause. Incase you don't remember, in the movie, the zombies were always animal friendly, they only craved human flesh.

Everything at the car wash was well organized. You could tell that they didn't throw this zombie car wash together in one day. They kept the cars in rows, and let the zombies slowly walk up to your car, while you were waiting for this scary creature to reach into your car to grab the money out of your hand and start sponging down your car. The atmosphere of the event was a little spooky, even with the sun still up, the costumes is what made it a fright fest. They most likely had makeup artists do the makeup because it clearly looked professional, unlike the red lipstick I had smeared on my face. The zombie car wash was a hit, and I can't wait to go again if they have one next year. It was definitely worth the trip!