Compact Car Review: The Scion TC

Compact Car Review: The Scion TC
Compact Car Review: The Scion TC
A few years ago, Toyota Motor Corporation looked for a way to market its cars to the younger generation of America. They came out with a new brand, Scion. The sporty compact Scion tC has been a staple of the brand within the last year, and today we will review this compact car.

Size of vehicle

Like all compact vehicle’s, space in a car comes at a price. The tC is currently offered only as a three door hatchback. As is standard with a two door plus the rear hatch, the front seats fold in order to allow for passengers to access the rear seats. While appearing to be large from the outside, the tC isn’t overly large. While people over six feet tall will fit, get used to having your head near the ceiling. However; the legroom is more than ample to allow for tall occupants. Long trips would be difficult with more than 2 people in the car, due to the size of the passenger compartment in the rear.


As many import cars go, initial purchase price may be slightly higher than domestic cars, but that is also reflected in re-sale value, thus making this car a better long term purchase. The basic tC’s has a manufactures suggested retail price of just over $17,000, slightly higher than other three door models in the segment. A well equipped model will run the purchaser just over $20,000, while performance model’s can run upwards of $27,000. Used Scion tC’s vary from just over $15,000 to close to $19,000 depending on mileage and features on the car.

Fuel Consumption

The Scion tC utilizes a 2.4 liter four cylinder engine, capable of up to 161 horsepower. This engine allows for up to 23 miles per gallon on city streets and up to 31 miles per gallon on the highway. Mileage is based upon how drivers drive as well as many other factors, including weight in the car and the weather.


The Scion tC was designed by Toyota to be a very safe compact car. The base model comes standard with driver and passenger airbags, as well as driver and passenger side impact airbags. Side impact airbags protect occupants from collisions that occur with the side of the car. Also included on the tC are four wheel disc brakes, which are anti-lock. This provides much shorter braking distances than some other compact cars on the road today.

Creature Comforts

The base tC comes with a standard AM/FM CD player radio, which is industry standard for cars today. Upgradeable radios included both Sirius and XM satellite radio systems, which cost roughly $10 per month for a subscription. Interior leather is an upgrade, which makes the seats much more comfortable. Windows can be tinted from the factory, to shield your eyes from the sun and shield you from others view. The tC is very sporty, but when TRD (Toyota Racing Development) parts are either added from the factory or by the owner, the tC can become a rocket.

Overall, if you’re looking for something that says “I’m young and I like to drive fast”, the tC might be for you. While the tC is being marketed for the younger generations, that doesn’t mean older lookers couldn’t purchase the car. Check out the Scion tC today for your sporty new compact car.