I Am A Car Mechanic – Do I Need a Website?

You are a talented mechanic who loves cars and can fix everything about them. You probably have a successful small business with a steady income from your trade. However, isn’t it true that sometimes you can’t find customers for days? Even if your car shop is situated on the High Street, it is possible to have some rainy days in which no one wants to repair their car.

It is not that you are a terrible mechanic or something; it is just because the auto market changed. Today, people like to look for everything online, and this is true even when they need to repair their vehicles.


Website vs. Marketplaces

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Most mechanics, car dealers and repairers find their clients in specialized marketplaces or on social media. While this might be enough, your business will never look professional in the lack of a website. Car specialists simply believe is out of their reach, and that their skills are totally different from the ones required to get online. Well, if you can find the right car repair web hosting company, you can have your website up and running in no-time

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It is not a matter of which one is more efficient. You can get clients from both your usual marketplace, but you can also …

Easy Bottle Lid Sachets for Car, Home and More

You know what every house has? A bottle or a jar with a lid! That means anyone, anywhere, can make cute and aromatic sachets for drawers, kitchens and more. The sachets are so easy to make that even the kids will want to get in on the fun. The little sachets will make drawers and clothes smell great. You can also use the sachets as ornaments on Christmas trees and more.

Jar and bottle lids come in all sizes and types. Whether the lids are metal or plastic they will work well for creating assorted sachets. Sachets are generally placed in dresser drawers and closets, but they can also be used as room fresheners. They can be decorated in different ways to suit any decor theme.

Take any lid or cap and fill it with dry potpourri. Some lids you might consider using would include lids from soda bottles, spice jars, instant coffee jars, or even medicine bottles. Small lids, of course, will not be quite as aromatic as larger ones, since the large ones will hold much more potpourri.

After you’ve filled the chosen lid with the potpourri glue a piece of lace or netting over the top. The netting and lace have holes that will allow the aroma to escape easier than if you cover the lids with fabric. Trim the lace so that it hangs over the side somewhat. Glue the edges of the lace well so that they will cling to the lid as you continue …

Car Review: 2009 Ford Sport Trac

The Ford Motor company has seemingly resolved an issue for consumers with the new 2009 Ford Sport Trac. Until now, a consumer looking for a pickup had to either purchase the huge professional trucks or the tiny one with no power. The 2009 Ford Sport Trac gives good power, towing capacity, and work capabilities without going too strong or too weak. Starting at about $27,460, the 2009 Ford Sport Trac gets 15 miles per gallon in the city and 21 miles per gallon on the highway and looks darn good doing it.

On the exterior, the 2009 Ford Sport Trac looks much more attractive than your average pickup truck with an impressive design, including fog lamps. It features a 4 foot by 5 foot open cargo bed with 3 integrated storage compartments and cargo box tie-downs.

The has an attractive yet comfortable interior, but you’ll still know you are driving a pickup truck. Power windows and door locks, a sliding rear window, and a leather wrapped steering wheel with tilt, cruise, and audio controls sets the tone. An overhead console, message center with outside temperature and compass, and driver and passenger sun visors with dual illuminated vanity mirrors have the comfort of passengers covered. The audio system consists of an AM/FM stereo with CD player and MP3 capability.

The 2009 Ford Sport Trac owes it’s superior performance to the 4.0 Liter, V-6 engine, with a 210 Horsepower output. With a trailer sway control system, the maximum towing capacity is 5,250 …